Live Oak Education Foundation | About The Foundation
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About The Foundation

Mission Statement:

The Live Oak Education Foundation was established to raise money to ensure that students in the Live Oak School District have enriching opportunities in the visual and performing arts; the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and positive play.

The Live Oak Education Foundation is based on a strong belief in equity and that all kids, no matter their race, socio-economic background, or neighborhood deserve every opportunity afforded to their peers. Many people do not know that while kids who live in the Live Oak community attend elementary and middle schools in the Live Oak School District, they attend high school in the Santa Cruz City School District. Santa Cruz City Schools has had an education foundation for nearly two decades that has supplemented that district’s investment in academic, arts, and wellness programs across all grades. We established the Live Oak Education Foundation in 2014 to ensure that our students have just as many opportunities as students in the surrounding communities, and enter high school with comparable skills and experiences as their peers. We pursue this goal through fundraising, advocacy, and partnering with other organizations that share our values.


Board of Directors

Stacey Kyle, President

Tracy Cole, Treasurer

Kate Hinnenkamp, Secretary

Ryan Hoffman

Jenni Lingens


Advisory Council

Sandy Beck

Corinne Hyland

Mariah Roberts

Gina Vitali