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The Arts


Currently, the three elementary schools in Live Oak share one art teacher who is only part-time. While the Live Oak Education Foundation has a long-term goal to match the level of arts programming provided at neighboring elementary schools, we currently wish to supplement the existing program by facilitating access for students and teachers to the high quality free or low-cost arts resources that exist in our local community. We are proud to say that we paid for four elementary teachers to attend this past summer’s week-long Arts Institute, which focused on ways to integrate the visual and performing arts into the Common Core curriculum.



While the Live Oak School District provides a full-time music teacher to be shared by the three local elementary schools, the music program does not have a budget and therefore cannot replace damaged or lost equipment let alone expand. The Live Oak Education Foundation seeks to fix this problem by raising funds in order to provide all Live Oak elementary students with access to hands-on music education. While our first fundraising priority is to provide the music teacher with the funds necessary to replace and clean equipment, we would also like to help expand the program by purchasing one percussion kits for Del Mar, Green Acres, and Live Oak schools in order to integrate hands-on music into the primary grades (Kindergarten-3rd grade).